Suitland / Coral Hills 

Team Representatives
  • Linda Turner: Team Leader
  • Reggie Parks: Team Special Assistant
Department/Agency Team Representative(s)
Board of Education
and/or Prince George's Public Schools
Sunny Pippins
Sonja Blair
Asha Hamilton
Central Services Roland Jones
Community Relations  Johnnie Higgs
Corrections William Frazier
County Executive LaVonn Reedy Thomas
CountyStat Christine Barker
Economic Development Corporation Larry Hentz
Environment Akosua Dosu
Family Services Carol Lynn Snowden
Fire/EMS Alicia Francis
Sayshan Conver-White
Health William Hall
Reginald Williams
Homeland Security  Dave Beck
Housing and Community Development
(includes Housing Authority and
Redevelopment Authority)
Howard Ways
Information Technology  Reggie Stewart
License Commissioners Diane Bryant
M-NCPPC (Parks and Planning) Chidy Umeozula
Greg Gordon
Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement Gary Cunningham
Valerie Carey
Richard Johnson
Police  Captain Jason Fisher
Public Works and Transportation Gwen Clerkley
Sheriff Colonel Ronald Terry
Youth Strategies Darrell Greene