Customer Service
It is our goal to provide you with optimal customer service. We hope that your telephone call or visit to one of our offices is pleasant. If not and/or you need further assistance, please contact the Director’s Customer Service line at 301-909-7025 or send an email to Customer Service.
  1. Administration

    The Administrative Division is responsible for ensuring the overall operations for the department including Contracts and Procurement, Finance, Information Management Systems, and Personnel.

  2. Child, Adult & Family Services

    Our goal is to promote communities where children grow up safe from abuse, neglect, and dependency, where adults are protected from violence, and where parents can receive strength in their capacity to keep their family safe.

  3. Community Services

    The Prince George's County Department of Social Services provide programs that help families who have had an unforeseen emergency.

  4. Family Investment Division

    The Prince George’s County Department of Social Services assists families and individuals in Prince George’s County with temporary and on-going assistance.

  5. Public Relations & Community Outreach

    This division serves the Public Relations effort for the entire Department, providing internal and external promotional and community outreach activities and support.

  6. Quality Assurance & Compliance Division

    The Quality Assurance and Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring the quality of service provision to the Department’s through managing appeals processes, quality control, investigations and administrative reviews.