Volunteer Services

About the Program
Volunteers make a difference for the community every day! The Prince George's County Department of Social Services offers a variety of support services to the Department of Social Services and provides opportunities for residents and citizens of Prince George’s County to contribute their time, expertise and good will.

The Department of Social Services recruits, trains and place volunteers in various Divisions at the Agency. Volunteers come from local schools and community groups such as corporations, churches, student and community groups. They provide a myriad of services to our Agency and are given knowledge of the Department of Social Services’ process within their respective divisions.

To apply, print out the volunteer application (PDF) and fax it back to 301-909-6331.

Integrated Community Volunteers
We invite residents, businesses, public and private agencies and organizations to learn more about the many special projects designed to help build strong, integrated communities and foster independence.

For example, you can donate towards any of the following programs:
  • Holiday Sharing - We accept food, toys and clothing to support families during the Holiday season
  • Send A Child To Camp - We accept equipment or funds for camp fees
  • Senior Easter Baskets - Provide food and toiletries to homebound senior citizens
  • School Supplies Drive - We accept school supplies for children in foster care, homeless shelters and transitional housing
More Information
For more information, please call the Office of Volunteer Services and Resource Development at 301-909-6364. To see how donations have supported the community visit our Events page.

Interpretation Services are available for Non-English Speaking customers. Please contact one of the Local Offices for assistance.