Healthy Start, Healthy Families

Healthy Start Case Management
Some pregnant women may be at risk of poor birth outcomes such as premature delivery, delivery of a baby with low or very low birth weight, or infant death. These conditions may be the result of psychological and/or social factors affecting the mother and her family, as well as the mother's own risky behaviors, which may include alcohol and substance abuse.

Healthy Start Program
The Healthy Start Program identifies the needs of at-risk pregnant women and helps them to have healthier babies. Nurses conduct home visits and provide case management services in order to link families with needed resources and care. In addition, families receive instruction on self-care, the prevention of conditions that contribute to poor birth outcomes, and counseling about healthy behaviors. The Healthy Start Program also serves children under the age of two who may develop chronic or disabling conditions because of biological, psychosocial, or behavioral risk factors. To learn more about these services, view the Healthy Start Brochure (PDF), or call 301-883-7230

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