Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Screenings Save Lives

•    Regular breast and cervical cancer screenings can save lives.
•    Individuals identified with breast or cervical cancer can receive the timely care and treatment that they need.


The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) initiative is available to uninsured/under-insured, low-income women residing in the County. The goal of the BCCP program is to:

•    Increase awareness of the importance of breast and cervical cancer screening.
•    Provide education and outreach to the general public, medical providers and health educators.
•    Prevent and reduce overall breast and cervical cancer morbidity and mortality as well as health disparities among minorities in Prince George’s County.

Patient Care

Experienced staff perform all breast and cervical cancer screenings at Doctors Community Hospital’s Center for Comprehensive Breast Care Center.


Breast and cervical cancer screening services are available at no cost to women who:
•    Reside in Prince George’s County
•    Are between the ages 40 - 64
•    Have low incomes
•    Uninsured

For more information about the BCCP program, contact Doctors Community Hospital at