Financial Oversight

  1. Cable Television Commission

    The mission of the Prince George's County Cable Commission is to advocate for and protect the public interest in the regulation and the development of the cable communications system.

  2. Pension Trust Fund Board of Trustees

    The mission of the Board of Trustees is to prudently manage the investment programs for the members, and beneficiaries, of the Comprehensive and Supplemental Pension Plans.

  3. Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board

    Any entity may demand a further hearing regarding locally assessed property from the Property Tax Assessment Board.

  4. Revenue Authority Board

    The Revenue Authority exercises its powers for projects within the boundary lines of the County devoted wholly or partially for public uses, good, or general welfare, and to stimulate employment and economic growth in the County.

  5. Spending Affordability Committee​

    This board makes recommendations to the County Executive, the County Council and the Office of Management and Budget concerning spending affordability and ways to improve the County's budgetary procedures and polices.

  6. Wage Determination Board​

    The mission of the Wage Determination Board is to adopt, establish, repeal, modify, change or amend schedules of prevailing hourly rates of wages to be paid to workmen and apprentices employed on certain public works.