​On May 19th, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), also known as Metro, released final plans for SafeTrack. SafeTrack is a year-long program to perform maintenance and repairs to Metrorail. This effort, according to WMATA, "is a massive, comprehensive, holistic effort to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metrorail system.... by expanding all available maintenance windows." The planned "maintenance surges," will involve periods of days or weeks when segments of Metrorail system will operate on one track or will be shut down completely.
​Starting June 18 - July 3 (Surge #2), many Prince George's County residents, workers and visitors will need to plan ahead to account for additional travel time and in some cases need to seek alternative transportation options for many trips that would normally be taken by Metrorail.
​To that end, the Department of Public Works and Transportation has created this page to serve as a resource for County employees, residents, and visitors who want to learn more about WMATA's SafeTrack Plan, impacts on their commute and alternative travel resources.

If WMATA's proposed line-segment shutdowns directly impact your commute and you want to seek an alternative travel method, please visit our Rideshare website. Our website provides a comprehensive listing of alternative transportation options in Prince George's County, including transit services, carpooling, vanpooling, as well as telecommuting and other employer specialized programs. We encourage commuters to visit RideSmart Solutions to learn about transportation options and benefit programs available in the County.

If you have specific questions regarding WMATA's transit services, please contact WMATA's customer service at (202) 637-7000.