1. Air Quality

    Prince George’s County leads the way in many efforts to reduce air pollution while alerting employees and citizens to the potential health risks of ground-level ozone and particulate matter. The county is a member of the Clean Air Partners, a public-private partnership aimed at increasing public information about the region’s air pollution problems.

  2. Community Outreach

    The Community Outreach Promoting Empowerment Section (COPE) works to engage communities and individuals in restoration, promoting sustainable solutions and leveraging community action.

  3. Flood Management

    Learn about the flood management in Prince George's County.

  4. Water & Sewer

    The Sustainability Services Division (SSD) coordinates several development review programs under the County’s Water and Sewer Plan.

  5. Litter Reduction

    The litter reduction program has been established to address litter and illegal dumping issues throughout the county. DOE partners with state and county agencies to achieve litter free conditions.