Yard Waste Collection

Notice: Effective January 1, 2014 yard waste is no longer accepted in plastic bags.


Weekly curbside collection of yard waste is year round. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, small branches, brush and Christmas trees. For more information about yard waste collection, dial 311.


Yard trim must be placed in heavy-duty paper bags or re-usable trash cans with handles and a secure lid. Cans must be clearly marked Yard Waste/Yard Trim for collection. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers.

Limbs, Grass & Leaves

Limbs collected curbside must not exceed 4 feet in length and 3 inches in diameter, and must be securely tied in bundles. Bundles of limbs and bags of dry grass and leaves must weigh less than 60 pounds. Wet grass and leaves must weigh less than 25 pounds.

Compost Facility

Once the yard waste is collected, it is taken to the Prince George's County Yard Waste Composting Facility. This county-owned and operated composting facility processes over 50,000 tons of yard waste annually.

Prince George’s County piloted food scrap composting during 2013 utilizing the Gore Cover technology which is an in-vessel aerated pile system with oxygen and temperature monitoring devices.  This technology is designed to create ideal composting conditions within the pile while efficiently trapping odors and other emissions such as dust, and volatile organic compounds, (VOC’s).  This system allows for the processing of a greater volume of yard trim and the inclusion of food scraps on a smaller footprint of area with little energy consumption and creates finished compost within a 30 days.  Utilizing the GORE covered system enables the County to divert food scraps from the landfill increasing the overall recycling rate within the County.

The final product from this process is known as LeafgroGold, a nutrient rich dark humus-like material, marketed by the County’s contractor, the Maryland Environmental Service (MES).  The compost is produced in accordance with the Maryland Department of Agriculture regulations and is a top quality soil amendment.  A network of retailers, found on MES’s website, sells the LeafgroGOLD.  Revenue from the sale of this material is returned to the County to offset the cost of the composting operation.

During 2014, the County increased the Gore Cover system from a three heap pilot project, to a four heap continuous process. The composting of food scraps and yard trim mixed together in the Gore System has been so successful, another expansion, to an eight heap system is in process.  Food scraps are accepted from pre and post-consumer entities, including residential, commercial and institutional sectors. 

To report a missed collection or register a complaint about your yard waste collection after 5 p.m., please utilize the online
CountyClick311 Citizen Service Request System or dial 311 for assistance.