Circuit Court

  1. Family Violence & Special Victims

    This Unit was created by combining the Domestic Violence Unit and the Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Team.

  2. Grand Jury

    Every case indicted in Prince George’s County is processed through the Grand Jury Unit for presentation to the Grand Jury.

  3. Homicide

    The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating, charging and presenting at trial all homicides that occur in the county.

  4. Major Crimes

    Learn more about the Gun and Drug, Felony Trial, and Motor Vehicle Manslaughter Teams.

  5. Post Trial Proceedings

    This unit coordinate all appeals, motions for reconsideration, motions for sentence reviews and violations of probation.

  6. Special Prosecutions

    This unit reviews allegations of official misconduct.

  7. Strategic Investigation

    The Strategic Investigations Unit is focused on removing violent, repeat offenders from our communities.