Aiman Salih - Gold Medal

On May 13, 2013, Emergency Dispatch Aide (EDA) Aiman Salih received a 911 call from a citizen reporting that he had killed his wife and his daughter and tried to kill his son. The male then advised that he planned on taking his own life. Another 911 call from the caller's son confirmed that this was not merely an idle threat and the caller had every intention of killing himself.

EDA Salih knew that there was a great potential for the caller or a responding officer to suffer a significant injury or death. He carefully engaged the caller in conversation to gain his trust and to obtain vital pertinent information on the condition of his victims, his location in the house, the location of weapons and any other information such as his extensive military background that would assist the police officers who were positioned around the outside of the residence.

For forty-seven minutes, EDA Salih remained focused on keeping the caller from taking his own life.  At the appropriate times in the conversation, EDA Salih spoke of his own experiences and reminded the caller of the other family members who would be affected by his death. In spite of some very stressful points in the conversation, EDA Salih was able to convince the caller to end the situation peacefully.

EDA Salih immediately updated the CAD to ensure new information was accessible to officers on the scene.  He coordinated the eventual surrender of the caller giving him detailed instructions on how his apprehension would take place and explained how no one would be harmed if he followed his instructions. It is clear that the actions of EDA Salih were directly responsible for the prevention of further injury or death.