Omayra Mendoza - Silver Medal

Senior Emergency Dispatch Aide (Sr. EDA) Omayra Mendoza is a certified Spanish Interpreter in addition to her normal duties. On August 31, 2013 she received a 911 call from a Spanish speaking resident reporting that a child from the neighborhood came running to his home and had serious bleeding from a wound on his head. Because the child did not speak Spanish and was hysterical, the resident could not tell Sr. EDA Mendoza what had happened.

Speaking back and forth in Spanish with the resident and in English with the child, Sr. EDA Mendoza was able to determine that the eight year-old child had been attacked by the ex-girlfriend of his father and that she had apparently tried to kill him before he was able to get away from her. Sr. EDA Mendoza knew that she had to determine if the attacker was still posing a threat and she knew she had to get the serious bleeding under control in order to save the child’s life.

Sr. EDA Mendoza was able to quickly calm the child by speaking to him with compassion and empathy. This helped to reduce the bleeding and enabled her to get more information about the attacker for responding officers. She continued to communicate with both individuals and was able to provide specific dispatch life-support instructions to the resident in Spanish that enabled him to control the bleeding until paramedics could arrive. Also, based on the information provided, the police officers were able to take the child’s attacker into custody.

The actions of Sr. EDA Omayra Mendoza prevented the child from suffering permanent injury or death. By gathering and relaying important pertinent information no further harm was done to anyone involved in this tragic incident and the alleged attacker was apprehended.