Samantha Walker - Silver Medal

In the evening of Saturday, December 7, 2013, Emergency Dispatcher (ED) II Samantha Walker was assigned to the H sector talkgroup when she received a call for an armed robbery in progress in District Heights, Maryland.  Once units arrived on scene to establish a perimeter, they observed the suspects fleeing the store and provided a full description of the suspects, a partial description of their vehicle and direction of travel.

Within seconds, the police officers on scene informed ED II Walker that they had a bail out with shots fired and that one of the suspects and one of the officers was down.  She acknowledged the message, entered a call for emergency medical services, advised the officers on the scene that help was on the way, she began to check on their safety and made notification to her supervisor.

ED II Walker continued to track the location of each officer and announced pertinent information on the two suspects that had avoided apprehension.  When numerous citizens were observed running out of a business, ED II Walker assisted officers on the scene with coordination of a building lock down which resulted in another apprehension and another request for emergency medical services for an officer that was suffering an asthma attack.

ED II Walker soon received and dispatched another call for a shooting in a nearby neighborhood.  She remained aware of the location of numerous officers at several locations and assisted with the latest incident as it progressed into a pursuit of the final suspect from the armed robbery.  Tragically, this ended with a significant fatal accident that once again required ED II Walker to remain calm, make sound decisions and get the correct help to units in the field in order to prevent further injury or death.