Lindsey Woolery - Bronze Medal

In the evening of February 20, 2013, Emergency Dispatcher (ED) II Lindsey Woolery was the emergency dispatcher assigned to the Fire/EMS operations talkgroup when she received a call for a pedestrian struck in Oxon Hill, Maryland.  At the same time, a Fire/EMS Department command officer notified her by radio that he was on the scene of two pediatric patients struck by a vehicle in the same area.

ED II Woolery confirmed that these two emergencies were one in the same and based on her experience; she located and immediately dispatched the additional units necessary to ensure the two children would receive appropriate and timely emergency medical care.  Knowing that rapid transport to a medical facility would be a key to survival, she contacted local hospitals to determine their capability to handle pediatric trauma patients and make them aware that they could be the receiving hospital.  This information was provided to the units on the scene as they were completing patient assessment and preparing to transport the children.

From the time she was first aware of the emergency until the units had completed transport, ED II Woolery anticipated their next request and took decisive action to support them.  This was just one of seventeen calls for emergency service involving heart attacks, medical emergencies, and fire emergencies that she was coordinating all at the same time on her radio talkgroup.  The actions of EDII Lindsey Woolery went well beyond what was required.  Her ingenuity, compassion and dedication to serve significantly increased these children’s ability to survive this horrific incident.