Community Projects

University Park Elementary School Solar Array
In 2010, DOE awarded the Town of University Park a $1.425 million Small Town Energy Program (STEP) grant. STEP was a three -year grant program intended primarily for residential energy efficiency audits and upgrades. The town set aside $200, 000 of the grant to fund a 65 kW PV solar array on the roof of the University Park Elementary School - a move that was in keeping with the town residents' strong interest in solar energy, as indicated by an earlier community initiative to invest in a solar array on a local church.

The Project resulted from a partnership between the Town of University Park, which owns and operates the array, and the Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) Board, which provided the roof space.
University Park Solar Array
The system will generate approximately $18,000 annually, through a combination of energy savings and the sale of renewable energy certificates. In addition, the solar installation will serve as the basis for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. With funding from the grant and support from the STEP program, parent teacher association members, teachers and administrators, have been working in three elementary schools on the Power Save Schools initiative to incorporate lessons on solar energy into the curriculum. In addition, all PGCPS students will have access to a web portal that will allow them to track the performance of the solar energy generation system.
Cheverly Wind Turbine
EECBG funds were provided to the Town of Cheverly to install a wind turbine to supply power directly to the town’s Department of Public Works facility. The turbine has the potential to generate income by returning surplus power to the electric grid, and will reduce GHG emissions equal to 15-18 automobiles driving 150,000 miles per year.

Berwyn Heights Street Light Upgrade & Pedestrian Safety Project
EECBG funds were provided to the Town of Berwyn to replace eleven Mercury Vapor street lamps with energy efficiency high pressure sodium vapor lamps at pedestrian/vehicular safety concern locations.

Capitol Heights Energy Efficiency & Conservation Demonstration Project
The Town of Capitol Heights turned a foreclosed home and building into a “green retrofit” demonstration project for residents and businesses. The retrofit project includes new windows, improved insulation, HVAC system replacement, new appliances, solar hot water installation, storm water management system, rain barrels, and solar security lighting. Project funds were provided by the County’s EECBG.

District Heights Green Energy Efficiency Program
The City of District Heights implemented a Green Energy Program to provide energy audits and retrofits to low- and moderate-income families. To date, they have been able to assist residential households with home upgrades consisting of digital thermostats, A/C system cleanings, doors, washers, dryers, electrical panel upgrades, refrigerators, and stoves. Program funds were provided by the County’s EECBG.

Edmonston Solar Demonstration & Green Educational Center
The Edmonston Solar Demonstration and Green Educational Center consists of conducting an energy audit on the Edmonston Town Hall, performing low-cost energy efficiency upgrades, retrofitting the roof to support solar panels, and creating a green educational area within the Town Hall that will also be available online. Project funds were provided by the County’s EECBG.

Hyattsville Green Incentive Program
The City of Hyattsville’s Green Financial Incentive Program provides businesses and residents with financial incentives to implement energy efficiency strategies and technologies. The incentives are anticipated to equal 25% of the installation and equipment cost. Program funds were provided by the County’s EECBG.
Solar Energy Recovery Plan
The Solar Energy Recovery Plan project is a collaboration of nine municipalities aimed at installing solar panels on the roofs of municipal office buildings. Seventy-five percent of the energy cost savings from this project will be allocated for a senior citizen energy assistance fund and educational scholarships. Twenty-five percent of the energy cost savings will be allocated to a solar energy project maintenance and enhancement fund. Participating jurisdictions are:
  • Bladensburg
  • Brentwood
  • Colmar Manor
  • Cottage City
  • Forest Heights
  • Glenarden
  • Mt. Rainier
  • North Brentwood
  • Seat Pleasant