1. Board of License Commissioners

    This Board serves a quasi-judicial function in administering and enforcing the Alcoholic Beverage Laws of the State of Maryland and the local rules and regulations of the Board of License Commissioners.​

  2. Dance Hall Board

    The Dance Hall Board conducts administrative hearings to review violations on an as-needed basis and within 72 hours of a violation issuance.

  3. ​Industrial Development Authority

    The goal of this authority is to accomplish relief of conditions of unemployment and encourage an increase of industry and commerce.

  4. Minority Business Opportunity Commission​

    Prince George's County is committed to awarding 30% of its procurement dollars to certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE).

  5. Taxicab Board​

    Responsibilities of this board include reviewing programs, policies, standards, regulations and procedures governing the technical aspect of licensing and registration of taxicabs.