Community Mediation

Community Mediation Prince George’s has been serving Prince George’s County for over twenty years. We achieve our mission through the processes of mediation, facilitation and education.

As mediators we assist parties in conflict by guiding them through an informal dialogue process in which they are empowered to collaboratively create a win-win resolution with each other. We also collaborate with a wide range of organizations. In all cases, we provide highly skilled, well-trained mediators who remain impartial regarding the issues at hand while creating a fair and safe environment in which the discussion can occur.
Community Mediation
By remaining neutral and unattached to the outcome, mediators work to help each party express their interests in a way the other party can hear and they help each party to understand the interests of the other.

Our Mission
The mission of the Community Mediation Prince George’s (CMPG) is to empower people and organizations with alternative methods for resolving disputes and serve the community by developing, promoting and providing effective mediation services.