Areas of Expertise

The types of disputes/conflicts we mediate are:
  • Family - Disputes involving interpersonal disputes/conflicts within the family which could be centered on spousal, parent-child, elderly care, or blended family disputes.
  • Neighbors - Disputes that stem from topics that only exist due to the neighbor relationship. This includes, but is not limited to concerns about parking, noise, visitors, pets, common areas, yards, repairs and communications.
  • Relationship - Conflicts that are a result of a friendship, family members, co-workers, etc. These are primarily interpersonal disputes between people that cause conflict.
  • Parenting Plan - Child centered mediations that allow parents and/or guardians to create a plan that will guide how they raise their children when they no longer live together. The plan covers various topics that relate to living arrangements, decision making and timesharing.
  • Divorce/Separation - Life planning mediations that lay out expectations about how assets and obligations will be handled during and after divorce/separation.
  • Business - Disputes resulting from a business partnership or consumer/merchant concern.
  • Landlord & Tenant - Conflicts or concerns arising out of landlord or tenant responsibilities such as repairs, rent, lease modifications, etc.
  • Monetary - Disputes over money owed to another person, business, or contractor.
Request Mediation
Please fill out the Mediation Request Form (PDF) as completely as possible. Community Mediation coordinators will contact you in 2-4 business days to begin scheduling the mediation.