CMPG provides facilitators upon request for meetings and workshops. Facilitation is a set of skills used to conduct small and large group discussions, often called dialogues, about a particular topic. Facilitated meetings are helpful because the facilitator is a neutral third party to the topics at hand and they have the skills to ensure that the purpose of the meeting is fulfilled. Facilitators keep meetings on task by incorporating the use of timed speaking tools, strategic communication and interactive problem solving activities.

Facilitations are useful when decisions affecting a large group of people need to be made or when there is a need to implement changes in a community, business or organization. Facilitations have to be requested at least 60 days in advance to allow for planning and informing the desired audience of the meeting. We will work with the requestor to develop an agenda and meeting dates.

If you would like to request a facilitator for a meeting or workshop contact us at 301-952-4729 and ask to speak with the mediation division.