Key Terms: A

  • Acquittal - A verdict at the end of a case, in which the defendant is found not guilty.
  • Adjourn - To suspend a proceeding to a later time and perhaps different place.
  • Affiant - One who makes an affidavit.
  • Affidavit - A written statement of facts, signed under penalty of perjury, submitted in the course of a legal proceeding.
  • Arraignment - An early stage in the criminal justice process, occurring after an arrest. The defendant is brought before a judge and formally advised of the charges pending against him or her. In response, the defendant is expected to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Further, if applicable, bail is set.
  • Arrest - The act of depriving a person of his or her liberty, usually in relation to a purported investigation or prevention of criminal activity.
  • Arrest Warrant - A warrant issued by a judge or a commissioner authorizing the arrest or detention of a defendant. The police officer or citizen complainant takes an oath swearing that the defendant committed the crime.
  • ASA - Abbreviation for Assistant State’s Attorney. See also Assistant State’s Attorney.
  • Assistant State's Attorney (ASA) - An Assistant State’s Attorney, or ASA, is a lawyer appointed by the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County to prosecute cases as representatives of the People of the State of Maryland.