Code Enforcement (Property Maintenance)

Code Enforcement Process
Inspections are conducted as part of an overall and ongoing departmental "cleanup" strategy in communities or in response to complaints. Should violations be identified during an inspection, the Code Official (inspector) issues a Notice of Violation (NOV) and/or a Civil Citation to the owner or responsible person for the property.

The NOV or citation references the violation(s) of the County Code and the length of time allotted to address the violation(s). A follow-up inspection is conducted after the allotted time to ensure compliance. If the violation(s) has not been addressed at the time of re-inspection of the property, appropriate action will be taken.

Enforcement Division Curtails Inspections

Due to social distancing requirements established in response to COVID-19, DPIE’s Enforcement Division is now performing essential operations only. This mandate was put in place to keep County residents and employees safe. As a result, some property maintenance inspection and investigation cases have been temporarily placed on hold. Inspectors will continue to monitor complaints. When information is available, DPIE will contact complainants to advise actions that can be taken in lieu of onsite inspections.


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To File a Complaint or Report a Violation

Please include the address of the property in question and a brief description of the complaint or suspected violation. To file a complaint, please call 311.


  1. Within the county there are 27 municipalities, and permitting and inspection responsibilities within them are defined in the attached charts.

    To determine if your project is within one of these municipalities, please visit the Atlas website; click on "Map Layers" (the second icon on the right).

    View the list of choices, then click on the drop-down menu by "Administrative" Layer and click on the "Municipal Boundary" layer.