This Division is routinely called upon to give legislative insight, consultation, and advisory for any proposed and/or amended legislative efforts that have impact on businesses - either directly or indirectly. SDDD staff sits on the Contract Review Committee, Procurement Advisory Group (PAG) meetings, and the Minority Business Opportunities Commission. Our goal is to ensure that the County creates a climate conducive for business growth and development. One of the recently passed laws that has direct impact on the way we as a County do business as it relates to local and minority businesses is County Bill 17-2011 (better known as the Jobs First Act) enacted July 1, 2013.

The new law, County Bill 17-2001, has been created for the purpose of enhancing the County's economic development. CB-17-2011 "most notably referred to as "Jobs First Act" creates bidding preferences and participation requirements for County-based businesses and County-based small businesses on certain procurement contracts for goods and services with the County.