Procurement Assistance

To enhance the opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) to participate in the County’s procurements, the following instruments are used:
  • Bonus Points System: Contracts valued up to $1.0 million, Prince George's County will apply "bonus points" to any bid offered by certified MBEs. County registered certified MBEs will receive "bonus points" equaling 10% of the apparent responsible and responsive bid price offered, and non-County registered certified MBEs will receive a discount bonus equaling 5%. Contracts of $1.0 million or more, the bonus is $100,000 for County registered certified MBEs and $50,000 for non-County registered certified MBEs. These "bonus points" are applied to evaluate both County registered certified MBEs and non-County registered certified MBEs bid price only, and are not applied to ultimate payments under the contract awarded.
  • RFPs and Multi-Step Bids: Request for Proposals and Multi-Step Bids are utilized when factors other than price must be considered in making a contract award. The "Bonus Points System" applies to registered certified MBE prime contractors once they meet the technical criteria in the Multi-Steps Bids
  • Mandatory Subcontracting: In construction and other public work projects, Prince George's County requires non-MBE firms to utilize certified MBE sub-contractors to complete no less than 20% of the required work. With oversight by Supplier Development and Diversity Division (SDDD), this subcontracting requirement may be waived only if certified MBEs are not available to perform unique and extraordinary contract requirements.
  • Restricted Bids: The Director of the Office Central Services can authorize SDDD to restrict competitive bids to MBEs when an adequate pool of certified registered MBEs is qualified and available to satisfy contract requirements. This Division will advocate, "restricting" the bid(s) if the procedure is likely to further the County's Minority Business goals without unnecessarily interfering with the efficient operation of the County government. Contract designated in the "Restricted Bid" category will be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive certified registered MBE bidder once the "bonus points" have been applied.