Application Enrollment Process

The application enrollment process has the following requirements:
  • All suppliers must complete an electronic application;
  • All certified MBE suppliers must have a valid certification at the time of application from one of the County’s designated Certification Agencies;
  • All suppliers must provide proof that their corporate headquarters is domiciled in Prince George’s County;
  • All suppliers must provide most recent version of all documents listed on the “Document Checklist for Suppliers”;
  • Each program participant will be assigned to a Business Analyst to ensure completeness of the application and ensure the supplier meets all requirements of the program;
  • If the supplier’s application is INCOMPLETE, supplier has until the end of the “Application Period” to provide all required information and data;
  • Supplier shall receive an electronic notification, “Not Prequalified” or “Pre-Qualified”;
  • Supplier will be assigned a randomly generated lottery number;
  • Lottery number will have an industry prefix to match the program function areas;
  • Electronic notifications will be disseminated to lottery winners and losers;
  • Winning suppliers will be required to take an “Assessment Test”, and
  • Suppliers will be notified of the “Development Track” 10 days after the assessment test.
  • Upon approval, supplier will be notified of acceptance in the BDRP Pilot Program;
  • Supplier will be sent a Notification of Acceptance along with a “Commitment Contract”;
  • Supplier must execute the “Commitment Contract” prior to participating in the BDRP Pilot Program;
  • Supplier must agree to complete “Mandatory Boot Camp Classes” within 6 months.