Permits Application Form

The Permits Application form is used to apply for a building, sign, or Use and Occupancy permit. Required fields include, but are not limited to, property description, work description, owner information and type of permit applied for. You may use one of the following documents to obtain property description information: tax bill, the deed for the property or go to to retrieve property information by County and address.

Application Review

Once submitted, the permit application is reviewed by the applicable County, State or other appropriate agencies for approval, as required if a particular construction plan includes environmental, health and/or safety matters governed by agencies other than the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE).
These agencies could include the Health Department, Soil Conservation District (SCD), Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) or State Highway Administration. Representatives from these agencies are now, or soon will be, accessible in DPIE.

Transmittal Form

This form is used when making a revision to an existing permit.

Volume Builders Form

This form can be used by builders who apply for a large number of permits at any given time to expedite the application process. The first Permit Application has to be on a Regular Application.

Permit Guides

Please note that County code changes may have been made since the creation of this guide, which serves only as a sample. Please note that ALL decks require a permit. This change has been noted on the following publication, 5-2-17.
  Please contact the Permits Office at 301-883-5776.
Building Permit Application Form Completed Online
Building Permit applications must be completed online. Please go to Online Applications; enter the information directly into the County’s Permitting System; and print three (3) copies of the computer-generated application prior to visiting the Permits Center. (Printers are NOT available onsite for customers.)

Revisions and applications for blocks of Building Permits that include more than four (4) case numbers will continue to be accepted for processing using the appropriate forms (i.e., Application for Building Plan Examination and Permit, Transmittal, Sign Permit Application and/or Volume Form). If you have questions about this new process, please call 301-636-2050.