Testing Services

In Prince George's County:
  • All children between 6 months and​ 6 years of age should have a blood test for lead.​​
  • Remind your doctor to test your child if it is not part of their regular care.​
  • It is especially important for children who live or spend time in older homes with peeling paint.
Toddler on a Couch


Prince George's County Health Department provides several services to residents as part of the Childhood Lead and Asthma Program, including:
  • Nursing case management for children with high lead levels in their blood. Call 301-883-7667.
  • Environmental assessments of residences for the presence of lead, in response to confirmed medical reports of elevated blood levels in children. Call 301-883-7662.
  • Referrals to the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) Program as necessary, when adult lead exposure is suspected in the workplace.
  • Educational programs concerning potential lead exposure and safe lead paint abatement techniques.
  • Telephone consultations on asthma triggers, mold and other indoor air contaminants.
Also, we provide telephone consultations regarding lead in drinking water. Call 301-883-7651.