Lowering Your Fee

Property owners who have on-site or off-site Best Management Practices (BMPs) that reduce the quantity or improve the quality of stormwater discharged from their property may be eligible for a Clean Water Act Fee (CWAF) reduction credit. To learn more about BMPs and see examples of those eligible for a fee reduction credit, visit the Rain Check Rebate Program page. The Fee Lookup Tool can also be used as a fee reduction calculator to estimate various hypothetical fee reductions based on adding best management practices to treat stormwater runoff.

Determining Reduction Credits

CWAF reduction credits shall be determined in accordance with the following:
  • The fee reduction credit only applies to a reduction of the Impervious Area Fee. The Administrative Fee ($20.58) will continue to be collected in its entirety for each tax account.
  • The Director of the Department of the Environment (DoE) or his designee shall make the final determination on the amount of fee reduction credit to award for on-site or off-site BMPs.
  • A property that does not contain a BMP may be credited if located within the same drainage area as another property that contains a BMP if both properties have the same owner.
  • All BMPs for which credits are being requested are subject to an inspection and field verification by the DoE. Access to the BMPs must be granted to the DoE in order for credit to be awarded.
  • In order to receive a fee reduction credit, all BMPs must be functioning correctly, must be maintained in good condition, and must pass a DoE inspection.
  • Once approved, credits are valid for three years. To renew the credit, the property owner must reapply to the DoE.
A summary table of the reduction credits available for all property types is available online.