Outfall Sampling

Inspectors are tasked with conducting inspections of the storm drainage outfall structures in the county. We have over 2,400 outfalls throughout the county. These outfalls discharge water runoff from the roadway and surrounding properties into our stream channels. Inspections are conducted no less than 48 hours after the last rain event. When inspecting the outfalls, we look to see if water is flowing from the pipe. If water is observed, the water is tested to determine if there are chemical contaminates in the water from a possible illegal discharge into the storm drain system by a property owner. If a chemical contaminate is found in the water, inspectors try to locate the source to prevent it from entering our streams.

Discoloration/Toxic Discharge

Should you see any discoloration in the water flowing from an outfall or think the water has toxic chemicals in it, please dial 311. If the water pollution problem is an emergency, promptly call 911.