New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP) is designed to familiarize new employees with Prince George’s County Government and to provide information and resource materials that will answer questions about County employment and expectations. This program will also provide valuable insight into the responsibilities of public service and an awareness of the County’s goals, objectives, and structure.  New employees will become acquainted with the laws and policies governing County employees and the various benefits and services available.

What to Expect the First Day - For New Non-Public Safety Employees

Welcome to Prince George’s County Government! Your first assignment as a new employee is to attend the New Employee Orientation Program (NEOP). The virtual orientation session is held on the employee’s first day of work from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  New employees will receive an email prior to their scheduled orientation session with details on how to participate in the session. 

New Employee Orientation Onboarding Packets

Two onboarding packets are available for new employees to reference as part of their onboarding. The documents in both packets are reviewed during the employee’s County New Employee Orientation Program session. The onboarding packets of information and forms for all new employees to review, reference, and complete include: 

  1. Onboarding Resources Packet (PDF)
    Information for new hires to review and reference during onboarding

  2. Onboarding Paperwork Packet (PDF)
    Forms for new hires review and complete as part of the onboarding process. Required paperwork must be completed and submitted to the new hire’s Agency Human Resources Liaison (HRL) within 48 hours after completing the County New Employee Orientation Program session. The new hire’s Agency HRL will verify and submit the final paperwork packet and submit it to OHRM for processing.

Required Documentation

  • Two forms of acceptable Identification
    • U.S. Passport, or Alien registration receipt card with photo, or
      - Valid driver’s license and social security card, or
      - Valid driver’s license and certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • Birth dates and addresses for primary and contingent beneficiaries.
  • Financial institution information - to include and account routing numbers
  • Additional documentation and forms may be required. See the Benefits page for more information.

For New Sworn Public Safety Employees

All new sworn public safety employees will attend NEOP orientation during your various sworn academies.