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51st Avenue Appraisal

51st Avenue SDAT

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Property Description:Tax Map 33, Grid E4, Block 27, PAR 186 (#2358828, 36, 69, 93, 2358901, 27, 76, 31 COMB IN 00VAC99011)
Location:51st Avenue College Park, MD 20740
Tax Account No.:21-2358851
Date of Acquisition10/22/1996
Acquisition Price: $0.00
Proposed Sale Price: No consideration transfer
2017 Assessment: $434,700.00
Area: 36,230 sq. ft.
Disposition:No consideration transfer to M-NCPPC


NOTE: This property will be transferred as part of a land swap in exchange for a 3.78-acre parcel (TID# 07-3422599) located in Collington Branch Stream Valley Park owned by M-NCPPC to facilitate land assemblage for the Collington Sports Complex development.