False Alarm Reduction Unit

**********IMPORTANT NOTICE**********

Our website is currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.


For further assistance, please contact us at:


False Alarm Reduction Unit of Prince Georges County

Phone: (855) 809-2056

Email: princegeorgescomd@alarm-billing.com


If you would like to make a payment, please mail your payment to the address listed below. Payments cannot be accepted over the phone or online at this time.

PO Box 75888

Baltimore, MD 21275-5888


 To provide you with faster, more efficient service, the Prince George’s County False Alarm Reduction Unit has upgraded our service module to ensure quality service to residents. Please see below for new information regarding the program.
To complete a new registration, renew an existing registration or make payments, you may do so utilizing the following methods

Mail: PO Box 75888 Baltimore, MD 21275-5888
Online: False Alarm Reduction and Administration
You may contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit at: 855-809-2056 or email us at: princegeorgescomd@publicsafetycorp.com