Frequently Asked Questions


Program Overview


Summer Youth Enrichment Program (SYEP)

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will assist SYEP participants with commonly asked questions regarding the 2021 Program dates, assignment details, selection process, onboarding process, and time reporting and pay.  


Program Dates 


Q: What are the program dates?

A: The SYEP begins on July 6, 2021 and ends on August 13, 2021.     Specific program dates may vary. Dates for specific programs and work opportunities varies. 


Assignment Details


Q: How will I know specific information regarding my assignment, my supervisor’s contact information, and the days and hours of work? 

A: Specific information regarding your work assignment will be sent during the onboarding process.   Detailed information on specific program dates, work hours, and course materials will be communicated to you by the worksite supervisor.


Selection Process


Q: Will all applicants be selected for a position?

A: No.  Applicants are chosen through an automated random selection feature in NEOGOV, the applicant tracking system. There are limited number of positions for each opportunity, therefore, not all applicants that apply will be selected. 


Q: What is the selection process?


  1. Eligible applicants will be considered for each opportunity applied. 
  2. A feature in the computer system enables applications to be randomized. 
  3. Interviews may be required for certain positions. 
  4. A conditional offer of employment is sent to selected candidates.
  5. The selection process is outlined on the County’s website at  


Q: Can I transfer to another program?

A: No.  Participants are considered for placement in positions in which they stressed an interest and completed on the application.  There are a limited number of positions; therefore, transferring to another position may displace you or someone else  We encourage you to seize the opportunity that you may be provided with and you never know where this opportunity could lead you.




Q: Are there any concessions provided for applicants with a disability? 


A: The County is an equal opportunity, ADA compliant employer and encourages all to apply. The County will ensure that all qualified individuals under the ADA are provided reasonable accommodations to ensure inclusion and accessibility. 


Please visit for answers to additional questions you may have.