Solar Water Heater Grant


Sustainable Energy will stop accepting ALL Clean Energy Program grant applications beginning June 24, 2022 and issue final fiscal year 2022 pre-qualifications on June 30, 2022. This moratorium is due to the mandatory fiscal year close-out process and relocation of Sustainable Energy to a new agency in fiscal year 2023. We will update the website and other communication channels when the moratorium has been lifted and new applications are being accepted.


All systems supported through the grant award are subject to the following conditions:

  • The minimum collector size to qualify for a grant award is 50 sq-ft;
  • The solar water heating system must meet the requirements of the local codes and operated in compliance with the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation OG-100 Certification;
  • The solar water heating system must be installed after January 1, 2018 to be eligible, and 50% of the yearly water heater energy use must come from the solar water heater;
  • The solar water heating system must be installed by an appropriately licensed contractor in accordance with state and county laws. Self-installers are not eligible to receive rebates at this time. A manual or manuals must be provided for the solar water heating system;
  • To protect the purchaser against defective workmanship, system or component breakdown, or severe degradation, all systems must carry the original manufacturer’s warranty of five years or greater, and all installation workmanship must be guaranteed for a minimum of one year. The entire solar generating system must carry a warranty, including collectors and tanks, and warranties should provide for no-cost repair or replacement of the system or system components, including any associated labor during the warranty period.

Submission of an application for the grant award does not guarantee receipt of a rebate or the amount of the requested rebate. The Solar Water Heater grant award operates on a first-come, first-served basis and incentive rebates are dependent upon cost-effectiveness and funding availability.

Incentive Amount Criteria

The incentive amount depends on whether the solar water heating system is owned by the homeowner or a third-party. 

  1. If system is owned by the homeowner:
    • Grant awards up to $7,500 to cover eligible costs associated with installing a solar water heater.
  2. For third-party owned systems:
    • Grant awards up to $2,000 to cover eligible costs associated with installing a solar water heater.

Eligible costs include any parts, component, or accessory equipment necessary to operate and/or install the device. A maximum of 15% of the grant award can be spent on reasonable measures to facilitate the installation of the system on a home. DoE Sustainable Energy staff should be contacted to ensure the measure(s) qualifies.

Solar Water Heater Grant Eligibility

To qualify for the grant award, homeowners must:

  1. Be a Prince George’s County resident.
  2. Be a Washington Gas customer as evidenced by a copy of recent (i.e. within 3 months) utility bill. 

    Paper copies of the bills are typically mailed to the customer's address on record. Washington Gas customers can also access their accounts via the Washington Gas’ account portal here.

  3. Live in a single-family, townhouse residence, or condominium that is individually metered (built before March 23, 2016), in one of the following designated Energy Resiliency Communities (ERC): Bladensburg - East Riverdale; Forestville; Hillcrest Heights - Marlow Heights; Kentland - Palmer Park; Oxon Hill – Glassmanor; Silver Hill; Suitland - Coral Hills; Langley Pak; and Woodlawn – West Lanham. 

    To confirm you are in one of the ERC communities, look up your address by using the ERC Address Locator here. Please note the ERC Address Locator is the definitive tool for determining the eligibility of an application. 

  4. Have proof of successful completion and implementation of energy efficiency measures through a comprehensive whole-house energy audit by a trained Contractor that is actively certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) on or after March 23, 2016, or received a Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency grant.