Special Event Permit

special events photos of a parade, charity walk, and bike ride

Effective November 1, 2022, DPIE no longer requires a Temporary Use Special Event Permit for parades, bike rides and walks if the event has no tents, stages, inflatables, generators, ticket sales, food trucks, or drinks or food prepared onsite. Distribution must be limited to prepackaged food and drinks.  

A Temporary Use Special Event Permit is also not required for community meetings and potlucks with 50 or fewer attendees as long as the same exclusions mentioned above apply.

Prince George’s County approval is still required, however. Applicants must contact the Special Events Coordinator for review by DPW&T for road closures. The Police Department must be contacted to direct and/or control traffic for the events described above. 

Use the link to complete the Special Events Coordinating Group Application:  PSSECG Special Event Application.

Obtaining a Special Permit PowerPoint cover showing a Ferris wheel in bright lights

For more information, view the Business Development Section's presentation on Obtaining a Special Event Permit.

Special Events Permit Requirements

The following are required for a Special Event Temporary Use and Occupancy Permit:

  • Property Tax ID Number
  • Site Plan showing the location of all structures that will be on the property the day of the event
  • If tents are used, the manufacturer’s flame retardation specifications/certification are required. Please indicate on the application the number and dimensions of tents that will be used for the event.
  • If generators are used, a master electrician has to obtain the electrical permit. Please indicate on the application the number of generators that will be used for the event.
  • If there are structures, i.e., stages/platforms/carnival rides etc., you need to submit a structural drawing. Please indicate on the application the number of structures and dimensions that will be used for the event.
  • The owner's business must be registered and in Good Standing with the State of Maryland.

Two (2) applications are required for a Special Event Temporary Use & Occupancy Permit — an online and a fillable PDF. For the online application, please go to Online Permit Applications and enter the information directly into the County’s Permitting System. For the fillable PDF application, please go to Special Event Permit Request Form (PDF) and complete the form. There is also a Special Event Temporary Use Procedures Checklist that must be submitted into the ePlan system with documents and plans to ensure required items are included with each application for review.

BEFORE you submit your online application, include the date of the event, time of the event (from set up to end), number and sizes of all structures, tents/stages/generators, etc. that will be used at the event in the Work Description section of both applications. Please note that applications should be submitted 45 days prior to the event, but no less than 3 weeks prior to the event to ensure DPIE review and approvals are completed.

Refer to the Special Event Checklist and contact the Fire Marshall’s Office, Health Department Inspections and DPIE's Enforcement Division to determine their requirements.

Temporary Food Service Vendor License

If the event will include the serving of food and/or beverages, follow the guidelines at the Department of Health website:  Temporary Food Service Facility Permits.