Camera Registration

Become a Community Safety Partner

By registering home and business security cameras, you are notifying us that you are willing to assist in an investigation if something happens within view of your cameras. Often officers spend countless hours going door to door, business to business, in search of cameras to help solve crimes and bring closure to victims. If you elect to register your camera with us, you would be helping our community become a safer place!

Important Information

No one, including the PGPD, can access video without your permission. Camera information and contact details are only available to us and we will never share or sell these details to a private business or organization. If an officer or detective believes video from your camera can assist in an investigation, we will contact you directly and ask for your help. Officers will clearly identify themselves and can provide official PGPD credentials, picture ID, police ID number, and PGPD contact information. 

When registering a camera we cannot see your footage, either live, or previously recorded. Your registration notifies us that there is a camera on your property and you are willing to be contacted via the information you provide.

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