Request for Detail & Acting Pay

The Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) is committed to implementing an efficient detail request process. Ensuring adherence to the process as outlined in Administrative Procedure 212 will help the County provide continued service in the event of an emergency situation or to accommodate and employee’s temporary disability.

What is a detail?

As defined, in Administrative Procedure 212 a detail means the temporary assignment to an employee all or part of the duties, tasks and responsibilities of another position to meet an emergency situation, for purposes of training, or to accommodate an employee's temporary disability.

  • Intradepartmental details are details whereby an Appointing Authority may temporarily assign all or part of the duties, tasks and responsibilities of any position under the Appointing Authority's jurisdiction for a period not to exceed ninety (90) consecutive calendar days.
  • Unless otherwise determined by the provisions of an applicable collective bargaining agreement, the initial detail is not to exceed ninety (90) consecutive calendar days.
  • Approval may be granted by an Appointing Authority to extend an intradepartmental detail, when circumstances require and based upon a demonstrated need of the agency, for an additional sixty (60) consecutive calendar days.
  • An intradepartmental detail, shall in no event, exceed one hundred fifty consecutive (150) calendar days.

Requirements for Submitting a Request for Detail

A Request for Detail package must be approved in advance of the employee acting in the position and must be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance of the planned start date with the following documentation assembled in one PDF document in the order listed below via email to

  • Cover Memo from the Appointing Authority
  • Detail Request Form (if an extension, include the original approved request)
  • County Employment Application (accessible via NEOGOV or the County Application)
  • Position Description – Form 544
  • Certificate of Minimum Qualifications (applicable if the employee is in a G29 position or above or is acting in a role for more than 90 days) must be received from Recruitment and included in the request package prior to submitting to Core HR.

Upon approval, Core HR processes the change in SAP. In order to receive payment, the employee will be required to enter the code Acting Pay - 1715 on their timesheet. If hours are not coded properly, this will result in the Agency HRL having to submit a Timesheet Adjustment Form to their designated payroll coordinator.

Guidance for Agency Human Resources Liaisons

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