Salary Adjustments

In accordance with AP122-Position Review Board, the following procedures apply to the submission, approval, and communication of PRB requests:

A Salary Adjustment Request must be submitted to OHRM must be submitted to OHRM and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), by the 10th of the month, to be considered by the board. Items received after this date will be held until the next meeting of the PRB


The following documents must be submitted with the request:

  • Request for Salary Adjustment Form
  • Organizational Chart- identifying the employees within the organization
  • Current Position Description
  • Salary Comparisons of Employees within the Agency, Division, Section or Unit that supports the justification of the request; and
  • Any documentation needed to support the request
The following steps are recommended for Agencies to assist in ensuring timely and positive decision from the PRB review:

  1. Ensure that all signatures are provided on required memorandums and forms.
  2. Ensure that all required back-up documents are included in the review package
  3. When calculating salary adjustment amounts, ensure that upcoming merit and cola increases are included for all employees included in the analysis.

Please Note:

  • Omitting merit and COLA’s may result in modified adjustment amounts approved by the PRB.
  • OHRM will only process the amounts approved by PRB.
  • Reconsideration for approved changes should be resubmitted for further consideration. Submit all complete packages to OHRM and OMB at least one week before the monthly cutoff to ensure adequate time for OHRM and OMB review and validation.
Next Steps

OHRM and OMB are actively working to revise the current procedure to streamline the process for agencies. However, in the interim, please use the above instructions to ensure a timely review.

For Salary Adjustment submission requirements and validation questions:

For Salary Adjustment processing questions: