Incentive Awards

The Prince George’s County Government Employee Incentive Award Program allows Appointing Authorities to recognize permanent, classified employees within their jurisdiction who demonstrate outstanding professionalism and make significant contributions to the County. Throughout the year, the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) receives these award nominations and processes them accordingly.

To ensure employees are promptly recognized for their performance under Administrative Procedure (AP) 216 – Employee Incentive Awards Program, each agency must enter eligible Employee Incentive/Monetary Awards into the Agency HR Liaison Incentive Awards SharePoint site. The site has been updated to include the addition of the Monetary Award and additional needed information.

Awards must be submitted on the SharePoint site 10 business days before the pay date the award is being issued on.

The types of Incentive Awards that can be granted to employees under AP 216 include:
  • Annual Leave Awards – Exemplary Performance Award can be granted, at the sole discretion of the appointing authority, to an employee who consistently receives performance appraisals that exceed a satisfactory rating.
  • Special Achievement – This award can be granted to an employee who has contributed extraordinary effort to an agency's mission, either by the special achievement of a specific task beyond an employee's performance expectations or by the sustained performance at a level determined by the Appointing Authority to be "beyond the call of duty." An employee can earn up to five (5) days of Annual Leave and can be entered on the HR Liaison Incentive Award site. A Quick Reference Guide has been attached to the memo as guidance for Leave/Monetary Awards on the SharePoint Site.
  • One-Time Monetary Bonus – This award can be given to an employee in lieu of an Exemplary Performance or Special Achievement Awards if you wish to recognize the employee with this type of award as outlined on AP 216.

Upon submission, OHRM will review and process completed requests five (5) business days before the pay date the award is being issued to allow time for processing. As a reminder, when nominating an employee for an incentive award or monetary award, please refer to AP 216 for eligibility criteria before entering and submitting any nomination forms. Agencies must adhere to the guidelines outlined in AP 216, as awards will not be granted to recipients who do not meet all the eligibility requirements.

 An overview of the schedule for submission and processing can be found online here.

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