The Agency HRL is responsible for verifying new hire documentation within three (3) days after onboarding.

1.  Confirm with OHRM that all new hire documentation has been submitted.

2.  Contact new hire to follow up on any outstanding required onboarding forms and supporting documents to ensure submission in NEOGOV, including:

         a.  I-9 Form & documents

         b.  W-4 Form

         c.  State Tax Withholding Form

         d.  Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

         e.  MD State Retirement Enrollment Form (Notary may be needed by the employee)

The Agency HRL is also responsible for completing the following tasks to finalize new hire onboarding at least ten (10) business days after the onboarding date:


Follow up with new hire to confirm access to and completion of required trainings in the County Learning Management System outline on OHRM Center for Learning and Development “Required Training” website online here

Trainings required to be completed include:

       a.  Kronos Training

       b.  Ethics Training

       c.  Workplace Harassment Training

       d.  Safety Training

       e.  Telework Training (if applicable)

Employee ID

Follow up with the new employee to confirm receipt of the employee ID card.

Finalize Checklist

Review the new hire checklist for completion and add it to the new employee’s personnel file.