Pensions Administration

Pension Plans
Prince George's County, Maryland (the County) has adopted separate single-employer; defined benefit pension plans covering all County sworn police officers, firefighters (including paramedics), deputy sheriffs, and correctional officers. These plans are included in the County's Basic Financial Statements as Fiduciary (Pension Trust) Funds. Each plan is reported in a separate Pension Trust Fund and is referred throughout this summary as "Pension Plans" or "Plans".

The Deputy Sheriffs' and Correctional Officers' Comprehensive Pension Plans were established July 1, 1996 for all new hires and participants electing to transfer from the State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland (SRPS) and the Deputy Sheriffs' and Correctional Officers' Supplemental Pension Plans. The Police, Fire Service, Deputy Sheriffs', and Correctional Officers' Pension Plans "the Comprehensive Plans" provide retirement and disability benefits for all full-time persons covered by the plans.

General Service Employees
All other qualified general service employees and officers of the County are covered by the State of Maryland Pension and Retirement System. In addition, the County has established 7 single-employer defined benefit supplemental pension plans, which are hereafter collectively referred to in this report as "the Supplemental Plans." The Plans and the dates each was established are as follows.

Comprehensive Pension Plans

Supplemental Pension Plans

Deferred Compensation

In accordance with provisions of Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code, Prince George's County has established a Deferred Compensation Program for its employees in a permanent status to save money for retirement while saving money on taxes every pay day. Employees will pay no state or federal income taxes on the amount deferred or on the earnings in your account during the working years. Taxes are only paid on the amount withdrawn, after retirement or separation from employment.

Deferred Compensation Plan Limits 2019

Minimum Contribution

Employees may join the program at any time during the year. Ten dollars is the minimum amount that can be deferred per payday. Employees may increase, reduce, or stop their contributions at any time. Contributions can be increased up to 6 times per calendar year.

Maximum Contribution

For calendar year 2019, employees may defer $19,000 annually. A deferral of $19,000 per year equals $730.77 per pay period. The maximum deferral may exceed these limits if you qualify for the 3 year "catch up" prior to the normal retirement date or the "age 50 catch up."

The County has contracted with 2 providers to administer this program to offer a variety of investment options to participants:

Change in Allocation

Change in allocation to investment funds or providers: A change in allocation to a different investment fund ( how your current contributions are invested) can be made any time, either by telephone, via the internet or by completing a change form. A change from 1 provider to another may be made by December 10th of each year to become effective on the first payday in January. Transfers of funds from 1 provider to another may be requested by December 10th each year and will be completed by the following January 31st.


A quarterly statement is sent to all participants directly from the providers. You can view your personal benefits statement at any time and make asset allocation changes by accessing the provider's website.

Address & Beneficiary Changes

These changes may be made at any time by accessing the provider's website and updating the specific information.