Sec. 13A-108

Sec. 13A-108. Rights Accompanying Exclusive Recognition.
  1. The labor organization which has been certified by the Panel shall be the exclusive representative of all employees in the unit and as such shall have the right to act for and negotiate agreements covering all employees in the unit and shall be responsible for representing the interest of all such employees without discrimination and without regard to membership in the labor organization.
  2. When the collective bargaining agreement provides for a grievance procedure, only that procedure shall be applicable to the employees in the unit.
  3. Where a labor organization has been certified as the exclusive representative of the employees in a unit, it shall be the only labor organization eligible to obtain an agreement from the employer to deduct from the pay of those employees in the unit, who provide written authorization, any fees designated or certified by the appropriate officer of the labor organization and to remit said fees to said labor organization, provided that any such authorization shall not be irrevocable for a period of more than one year or beyond the termination date of the applicable collective bargaining agreement, whichever occurs sooner.