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The Office of Central Services (OCS) is a vital service delivery organization for the Prince George’s County Government. Our staff is intensely committed to delivering high performance and exceeding expectations while striving to achieve a first-class user experience that is collaborative, swift, responsive and accountable.

We assist the County government in achieving mission critical services through:

Fleet Management
Maintaining reliable mobility and transportationtop portion - blue letters only

Facilities Operation & Management
Providing clean, safe and fully operable buildings.  

Contracts Administration & ProcurementCentralizing procurement of goods, services, and construction. 

General Services
Providing Inventory Management, printing services, and mail processing. 

Capital Construction
Modernizing, expanding and improving building infrastructure. 

Real Estate/Land Acquisition
Maintains the County’s inventory of owned and leased properties. Assists agencies with the acquisition, disposition and management of their real estate needs. 

Sustainable Energy
Sustaining energy and water efficiency, energy literacy and workforce development. 

Supplier Development & Diversity
Spurring local economic development via advocacy and investment in County-based businesses. 

OCS by the numbersnumbers

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