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The Office of Central Services (OCS) is a vital service delivery organization for the Prince George’s County Government. Our staff is intensely committed to delivering high performance and exceeding expectations while striving to achieve a first-class user experience that is collaborative, swift, responsive and accountable.

We assist the County government in achieving mission critical services through:

Fleet Management
Maintaining reliable mobility and transportationtop portion - blue letters only

Facilities Operation & Management
Providing clean, safe and fully operable buildings.  

Contracts Administration & ProcurementCentralizing procurement of goods, services, and construction.

General Services
Providing Inventory Management, printing services, and mail processing. 

Capital Construction
Modernizing, expanding and improving building infrastructure. 

Real Estate/Land Acquisition
Acquiring, disposing, and leasing real property.

Sustainable Energy
Sustaining energy and water efficiency, energy literacy and workforce development.

Supplier Development & Diversity
Spurring local economic development via advocacy and investment in County-based businesses.

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