CountyStat is part of the County Executive’s Office. The CountyStat Manager reports to the Chief Administrative Officer. The CountyStat Team is comprised of staff from the County Executive’s Office and the Office of Management and Budget, and work closely with Deputy Chief Administrative Officers (DCAOs), who are charged with overseeing government agencies.

Research & Development
Data analysis is an important part of what CountyStat does, but it’s not the only thing. CountyStat also performs a research and development function, identifying and implementing best practices to improve government operations and policies. To do this, CountyStat engages think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and other jurisdictions from around the country to generate the best ideas possible. If another county, city, or town is doing something innovative, CountyStat wants to learn about it and find out if it will work here.

In addition to providing data and policy research, CountyStat also is an important governing forum by bringing the Executive and his top managers together with agency heads to address issues. So, although CountyStat analysts crunch numbers, it is only 1 part of the team’s primary job, which is to solve problems and deliver results.