Surplus Real Estate

Surplus Land Sale

Prince George’s County, Maryland, is offering the following surplus land for sale. The price listed for each property is the fair market value, and each property is for sale at not less than that price. This offer shall remain open through close of business May 31, 2019. Expressions of interest must include a ten percent (10%) earnest money deposit in the form of certified funds, payable to Prince George’s County, Maryland and must be submitted by close of business May 31, 2019. A separate deposit must be included for each expression of interest. If more than one party wishes to purchase a property, a sealed bid will be requested sometime after the closing date. Note: All properties are sold as is.

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  1. 1.Tax Account Number 07-0799262; Block C, Par F, “Collington Center” Resub of Lots 5-6; 16100 Branch Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774; 2.71 acres; fair market value is $225,000. (Resolution No. CR-49-2018 Map 4-B)
  2. 2.Tax Account Number 07-0798546; Block C, Lot 2, “Prince George’s International Commerce Ctr” – Plat Book NLP 109 at 17; 800 Prince George’s Boulevard, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774; 4.69 acres; fair market value is $275,000. (Resolution No. CR-49-2018 Map 4-C)
  3. 3.Tax Account Number 07-0799098; Block D, Parcel A, “Collington Center” Tax Map 77, Grid C3; 1200 Popes Creek Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774; 14.88 acres; fair market value is $360,000. (Resolution No. CR-49-2018 Map 4-D)

​Information concerning that process will be supplied to all interested parties. Requests for further information, expressions of interest in the purchase of a property, or any objection to the sale of a property should be directed to: The Office of Central Services, 1400 McCormick Drive, Room 336, Largo, Maryland 20774, Attn: Land Acquisition and Real Property Division (telephone: 301-883-6450). ​

Requests must be submitted by May 31, 2019.