Information on Street Lights

Once street lights are installed on public roads, they are maintained by the utility companies. As a result, burned-out or damaged street lights should be reported to the utility company serving the area. This is usually the same company serving your home with electricity.

Be prepared to provide specific information (e.g. in front of (an address); across the street from (a school); a pole number posted on the pole, overhead or below ground service, etc.). The utility companies prefer that residents report street light problems directly to their offices since residents are in a better position to provide necessary information. Most repairs are performed within 72 hours of notifying the utility company.

The telephone numbers for the utilities are:
  • Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) 202-833-7500
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BG&E) 800-685-0123
  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) 301-843-6142
If streets within townhouse developments are private streets and maintained by the homeowners’ association, the responsibility extends to the street lights. Consequently, concerns regarding street lights within townhouse developments should be reported to the homeowners’ association.

If problems occur on existing roadways or on subdivision roadways under construction, DPW&T has the responsibility to maintain the existing roadways and also has the authority to require a developer to remedy the problem in subdivision roadways that are under construction. Please call our dispatcher at (301) 324-2710 with a good description of the location.