Governing Documents

Each association has its own unique governing document, written specifically for that association. The documents include:
  • A. The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which is a legal contract that binds homeowners and the association, establishes association responsibilities and defines owner’s rights and obligations, including how the land can be used.
  • B. Bylaws which explain the administrative rules, guidelines and requirements for the operation of the association, including responsibility of board of directors and members’ rights and responsibilities.
  • C. Articles of Incorporation which define the legal name of the HOA, principal office, resident agent, power and purposes, memberships, voting rights, right of enjoyments, board of directors, dissolution, duration, amendments and liability.
  • D. Rules and Regulations which provide a detailed explanation of what is and what isn’t permitted in the community.
  • E. The plat which is filed in Land Records is a line drawing which shows the locations of buildings and units, the common areas such as roads, parking lots and open spaces.