What health benefit plans does the County have to offer?

The County offers two Health Maintenance Organizations and one Preferred Provider Organization Plan. Currently, the HMO providers are Kaiser Permanente and CIGNA Healthcare. The PPO Plan is administered by CIGNA Healthcare. Other health benefit plans offered include Vision, Prescription, Dental, Flexible Spending Accounts, Extra Life insurance, Long-Term Disability, and voluntary benefits to include Short-Term Disability, Critical Illness, Accident Insurance, Permanent Whole life insurance, and Group Legal insurance plan. Learn more on our Benefits Page

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1. What health benefit plans does the County have to offer?
2. What is the employee’s cost for these health benefits?
3. Is there a waiting period before coverage begins? What happens when I leave?
4. Is it mandatory to participate in the health plans? Can I be enrolled in more than one medical plan?
5. How are health benefit premiums paid?
6. Who can be covered under my health plan?
7. Can I make changes to my health plans at any time?
8. Can I continue my health benefits coverage after I terminate (not including retirement) from the County?
9. What is the cost for continuing medical coverage under COBRA?
10. How do I initiate COBRA?
11. Does the County offer life insurance?
12. What are accidental death benefits?