Where exactly is the “Noon Property” that will benefit from K-8 tree replacement?

The Noon Property is near Avalon ES (7302 Webster Ln, Fort Washington, MD 20744). It is owned by PGCPS and used for off-site tree preservation credits. (When we take down trees on one site, we have the option of preserving, in perpetuity, trees on another site that would otherwise have been developed.)

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1. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in its 2020 Infrastructure Report Card* rated Maryland’s stormwater infrastructure C (mediocre, needs attention). Is there a similar report card for
2. How old is the Tantallon stormwater infrastructure? How often is it inspected? When was it last inspected and what were the results of the inspection? (Failed drains & culvert at K-8 site)
3. What standard was our stormwater management system built to?
4. Where are Tantallon Best Management Practices (BMPs) located?
5. What is the water quality of Swan Creek?
6. What is the current quality of stormwater flowing into Swan Creek?
7. What is the boundary of Swan Creek watershed stormwater that flows through the National Golf Course?
8. Is the county in compliance with state and federal stormwater requirements? What is not in compliance?
9. Does PG-DoE monitor rainfall? Where is our nearest monitoring station? Are we in compliance with air quality requirements?
10. What percent of Prince George’s County is impervious?
11. What percent of Tantallon is impervious?
12. Where exactly is the “Noon Property” that will benefit from K-8 tree replacement?
13. Is the Swan Creek watershed in compliance with our stormwater permit? What is out of compliance?
14. ASCE rates Maryland roads C. Is there a rating for Prince George’s County roads?
15. Where is the nearest rain gauge?