What is the Third-Party Inspection Program (TPIP)?

The Third-Party Inspection Program (TPIP) establishes a building inspections procedure that utilizes qualified, third-party professionals, in addition to the County’s Quality Assurance Inspectors, to conduct and document field inspections of commercial building construction projects and other projects permitted by DPIE. The use of third-party inspection teams is based on their ability to expedite project inspections resulting in the timelier issuance of a project use and occupancy certificate. The TPIP is usually required for all projects with total construction cost amounts greater than $200,000. The Building Code Official or designated representative may include or exclude a project from the TPIP due to its complexity, simplicity, or innovation, based on recommendations from the Associate Director for the Inspections Division (ID) or designee, and/or upon written request from the property owner.

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