What kinds of retirement programs are offered to County employees?
There are several different types of defined benefit retirement programs offered depending on the position the employee holds. Public safety employees have pension plans that are administered solely by the County. Police officers and firefighters have a defined benefit plan that allows them to retire after 20 years of service; correctional officers can retire after 20 years of service and deputy sheriffs can retire after 20 years of service. Other County employees are enrolled in the State of Maryland's Non-contributory Pension System as well as the Prince George's County Supplemental Pension Plans and may retire after 30 years of service or age 62 with at least 5 years of service. For more detailed information, please refer to the specific Pension Plan document and Summary Plan Description.

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1. What kinds of retirement programs are offered to County employees?
2. Is an employee required to make contributions to these Pension Plans?
3. At what point does an employee have a vested benefit in the pension plans? Does this mean an employee has a guaranteed pension benefit at retirement?
4. Is there any other way to save money for retirement?
5. How much money can an employee defer under the 457 Plans?
6. Is the County's deferred compensation plan equivalent to a 401K plan?
7. Can an employee transfer funds from a deferred compensation plan sponsored by another employer?
8. Can an employee request a withdrawal of contributions while employed with the County?